Our Values & Principles

Rock Recovery was founded on three core values: be real, find freedom, and live life. In our day-to-day operations, we stand on four principles.


Be Real
Being real means knowing and accepting all aspects of ourselves at any given moment in time. When we’re being real, we can identify what we value and believe in, our aspirations, what drives us, how we feel, and what we think about a given situation. Being real also requires the willingness and ability to express these core aspects of self in safe ways and to safe people. As an organization, we strive to model these characteristics, and we work to create an environment where others feel safe being real with themselves.

Find Freedom
We believe that freedom from disordered eating is possible and is characterized by

  • coping effectively with problems in ways other than through disordered eating
  • obeying physical rather than emotional hunger cues
  • tolerating “spontaneous” natural eating and a wide variety of foods
  • rarely obsessing about food, exercise and/or body image
  • absence of purging behaviors, including excessive exercise and use of laxatives
  • absence of restricting behaviors, including use of appetite suppressants
  • absence of binge-eating behaviors
  • maintaining a caloric and nutrient intake that supports healthy weight and body composition
  • acceptance of genetically determined body type, size and shape; and natural shifts in weight
  • recognizing signs of disordered thinking and seeking appropriate help when these thoughts emerge

Source: Adapted from FEAST’s Signs of Recovery. See http://www.feast-ed.org/TheFacts/DefiningRecovery.aspx

Live Life
True recovery occurs when individuals are able to find freedom from disordered eating in all circumstances – regardless of what is going on in their lives and despite triggers in their environments. Rock Recovery’s services are specifically designed to help individuals learn how to embrace or maintain recovery while living life on life’s terms.


Work like it depends on you; pray like it depends on God.
Rock Recovery is a faith-based (Christian) organization. We believe that God is the source of freedom from disordered eating because He introduced the concept of grace to the world (see Ephesians 2:1-5). With this belief comes a responsibility to help others. We believe that God works through each and every person on Earth; we are His hands and feet. Therefore, we will settle for nothing less than the highest caliber of treatment modalities. We will use only proven and research-based recovery activities.

Plant seeds; let God water them.
We will provide services to anyone who has an open mind and a willingness to respect our Christ-centered approach. We do not seek to convert anyone.

Collaborate – don’t compete.
We exist to establish services that promote long-term recovery and seek to collaborate with organizations with complementary, and even similar, missions. We will not compete. We exist to bring hope and healing to those suffering from food addiction and eating disorders – not to make a profit.

Everyone is invaluable and irreplaceable.
Resident, volunteer, and employee well-being, safety and growth are paramount. Any threats to any of these will not be tolerated. We will invest in and promote volunteer and employee wellness and growth.

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