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Eating disorder resources, from education to treatment, are scarce and often inaccessible financially or impractical for the daily lives of full-time students or working professionals. Traditional residential treatment centers can cost thousands of dollars per week, and insurance rarely covers this expense. Outpatient counseling sessions may not provide the intensity of care some patients need to deal with this serious disease. For all these reasons, individuals often struggle to receive the treatment they need.

With your support, Rock Recovery is removing these barriers.


You can:

Through the generosity of supporters, Rock Recovery is working to:

  • Provide faith-based, recovery-focused services to the Washington, D.C., community.
  • Establish a network of recovery houses.
  • Provide professional training for health professionals (e.g., personal trainers, nutritionists).
  • Collaborate with other eating disorder organizations/nonprofits.
  • Produce educational videos and documentaries.
  • Conduct research on critical gaps in eating disorder treatment and on effective treatment strategies.