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Overview & Progress

In October 2012 I launched a campaign to raise $15,000 toward 2013  expenses.  $15,000 represents the critical amount we need to keep our  Recovery Program operational. While many others are working to raise funds for expansion and growth, we need your help to continue serving our current clients. In honor of our mascot, Maple, requested giving levels are as follows: 

  • SNIFF: $60 ($5/month, 10 more donors needed)
  • TAIL WAG: $120 ($10/month, 5 more donors needed)
  • KISS: $600 ($50/month, 4 more donors needed)
  • HOWL: $1,200 ($100/month, 2 more donors needed)

Give the greatest gift — the gift of freedom.

Just one example: Maple Says Thank You!

Tail Wagging
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Instructions for Giving

  • Please note that all donations are tax-deductible!
  • To donate by check: Mail check payable to “Rock Recovery” to 417 N Edgewood Street, Arlington, VA 22201
  • You may also donate online.


Fundraising Letter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for considering supporting Rock Recovery this year! I wish you could see the impact you’re having on individuals and their families. Our recovery program literally changes the trajectory of our clients’ lives. Our education programs are saving lives.

Our D.C. recovery program has been operating at full capacity for the entire year. Thus far in 2012 we have played a large role in helping eight women break free from their eating disorders. These clients were with us anywhere from eight weeks to a full year, and all left feeling strong in their recovery. Sadly, we can’t keep up with the demand: our newest clients waited for a full year to get into the program. To address this need, we’re now launching ten new education sessions to serve those on our wait list.

Our Community Empowerment programs have also grown. We’ve demystified eating disorders for hundreds through university health fairs and corporate charity fairs. In October we shared fascinating findings from our nationwide community needs survey at the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) convention. In December I’ll be educating hundreds of collegiate coaches at the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Convention. We’re also reaching the D.C. running community through events, and most recently, a partnership with Riadha, a nonprofit that supports post-collegiate athletes.

You may remember that we’re fundraising not only to cover these program expenses, but also to hire a full-time Executive Director. We managed to raise about 25% of this through family, friends and community events.

In an answer to many prayers, our past Board President, Christie Dondero, is now working to raise her own salary to work for us full-time. In this full-time position, Christie will be our Director of Development & Community Programs, with primary responsibilities for increasing public awareness and bringing in stable financial support. Christie’s first goal will be to finish fundraising for an Executive Director, who will ideally be an experienced nonprofit leader (thus freeing me to return to Rock Recovery’s Board of Directors). Christie shares our dream of raising the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to hire full-time staff and the million required to open a transitional recovery house (which is still a major goal!), and we’re confident in her ability to get us there. Last year Christie’s fundraising efforts resulted in 200% increase in private donations. Imagine what she can do to broaden our support when working full time!

And here’s where my request to you comes in. As Christie takes this leap of faith and works to raise her own salary, the need to cover our 2013 expenses is largely up to me. Many of you have supported Rock Recovery in the past — all unexpectedly and often beyond my wildest imagination. This Fall I will be asking you to support us financially once again. We are certainly moving toward diversified funding sources — grants and corporate sponsorship included — to pay our bills and to support our growth, but at just 3 years old, we’re not there quite yet.

My personal goal is $15,000, which is triple what I raised from friends and family last year. Given that I haven’t made many new friends this year, I’m hoping and praying that past donors can give a little more, and those who haven’t contributed financially can experience the joy that comes with being a part of a grassroots effort.

To meet this $15,000 goal, I’ve identified four personal funding levels. You all know my obsession with Maple, so just for fun I’m naming them after her:

  • SNIFF: $60 ($5/month, 30 donors needed) = $1,800
  • TAIL WAG: $120 ($10/month, 20 donors needed) = $2,400
  • KISS: $600 ($50/month, 10 donors needed) = $6,000
  • HOWL: $1,200 ($100/month, 4 donors needed) = $4,800

As anyone who has tried fundraising knows, it’s much more challenging to find individuals who will fill the few higher contribution slots, and new donors tend to fill the lower slots. Please consider this prayerfully and give what you feel led to give. Keep in mind that Rock Recovery is a 501c(3) nonprofit so all gifts are fully tax-deductible. And please know that I greatly appreciate your support for me and for my own journey to freedom. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but with each step away from the eating disorder I get one step closer to living life to its fullest. Rock Recovery not only benefits those we serve directly – it also benefits those who, like myself, are motivated to take care of ourselves so that we may be there for others.

Love & blessings,

– Cary

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